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A car buyers best resource.

Auto sales people are professionals trained to close deals. The average auto buyer is an educated amateur at best armed with some research and determination to get a great deal.  The sales person has hundreds, perhaps even thousands of deals under their belt and they are master manipulators.

Deal Advisor tracks critical offer details as you negotiate a purchase price and compares the offer you’re getting with offers and purchase prices of similar vehicles in your region.

Never get blindsided in the finance department. Never overpay for a car again.

The enhanced home buying experience for REALTORS® and their clients.

Go beyond talking about your brokerages VIP service and back it up with a mobile application that improves every aspect of your client relationships.

Hizzle works with your existing selling system and software tools. You don’t have to adapt your workflow, Hizzle will adapt to your workflow.

Real-Time Buyer Insights help you rely less on hunch based decision making giving your the information required to drive incremental increases in revenue. Establish your brokerages performance benchmarks and use them to track performance over time.

Casual military combat games by 50 Caliber Mobile. Simple to understand and easy to play games that are inspired by political and military events happening in North Korea, The Middle East and the USA. Casual Combat games give players a new way to engage with current events beyond reading the news. Stay informed, vent frustration and have fun.

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