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Yes! You're curious about DojoMatoR.

Here’s our story in a nutshell.

We didn’t set out to tackle the martial arts industry, we were building an iPad app for professional hockey scouts. We needed test data so we used a martial arts curriculum donated by some friends to see if it would break our product in ways we didn’t expect.

Turns out,  the martial arts curriculum didn’t break the software. 

What we saw actually seemed pretty useful so we showed the product to the dojo founders. They thought it was great and immediately asked how they could use it. The DojoMatoR seed had been planted.

Unfortunately, at that time the product wasn’t tuned for the needs of martial arts community but the potential was obvious. The idea sat on the back burner until we had the time to focus on it. It would take some time to figure out how to support the martial arts community properly.  This means talking to people. If you’re reading this, it means people like you. 

Well, now we have the time to focus and this is what we’re building.

Phase 1

To put it simply, you would use our product to manage your martial arts program(s). Be it BJJ, Karate, Judo or some yet to be named martial art in which students progress through levels it can be managed using DojoMatoR. 

No more clipboards, excel files or  note pads. This is a purpose built system for you.


You start by creating a list of programs you offer. Maybe you teach Jiu Jitsu for kids, adults and maybe even karate. You add each as a program and list the basic levels. Levels of course being belts in most martial arts.

Each of the levels will require an assessment sheet (next step).

Assessments Sheets

Assessment sheets reflect your program curriculum. For each level (belt), create a sheet that contains categories and a list of skills. You’d be surprised how quickly this can be accomplished if one belt builds on another. You just duplicate and add. Rinse and repeat.

Then you need students.


We’re making it simple. You can import a list of students or you can add them one by one.

Your students will be organized in an intuitive, amazingly quick user interface.  Love the long wait times while webpages load? No, neither do we. Our UI is lightening quick but backed up to the cloud in real-time.

Grading Days

You can create you grading event weeks before the event. Assign your students to the event and start taking notes. The preparation starts then and there. All your prep notes in one convenient location.

On grading day, press a button and instantly we create an assessment sheet for every student. When your testing is done, press a button to finalize the event, close the sheets and see a summary of the event.

Magic. Almost.


You’ll have come so far managing your programs and documenting progress. Let’s not stop there. 

Jump on board and we’re going to make it possible to generate and distribute your dojo’s official certificates of achievements.  Give your signature hand a break!

Please Reach Out!

We want to make managing your students painless. We want you to have a tool that makes the process more engaging for your students and their parents thus increasing student retention. If you want to learn more and take part in the process of creating this product please reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

We’re in Ottawa so if you’ve got the time we’d love to swing by your school for a chat. Nothing beats a face to face demo and chat. Most of what’s described already exists and could be shown to curious early adopters.

Best Regards,

Troy Johnson

Co-founder & CEO,
50 Caliber Mobile
Ottawa, Ontario