Location,Ottawa, ON, Canada


When we see something that needs fixing it keeps us up at night. Literally.

With the help of industry experts we build things for ourselves and for our customers. These are the notable products that we’ve built over the last few years.

Available on Apple and Android  Tablets
Keeper40 simplifies the way goalie coaches collect game data. The intuitive shot tracking system makes it easy for anybody to capture live game data and to produce instant analytics on the fly.

Available on iPad – May 2019
ProElements is a modern productivity tool for professional hockey scouts. It eliminates the traditional pad and pencil approach to note taking and completely automates the generation of text based reports for team management

Est 2018
Charlie Hustle Sports specializes in software products for professional sports scouts, coaches and enthusiasts. 50 Caliber Mobile designed and developed all technical components of project including the Charlie Hustle Sports website.

Est 2018 – Preproduction
Hizzle is an enhanced home buying experience for REALTORS® and their clients. It’s the only real estate platform that combines a VIP buyer experience with real-time data & analytics.

Available on iPad, MacOS and Android – Jan 2017
Close Air Support HERO. Secretly we’ve always wanted to build a video game from scratch so we did it. Pilots (players) do battle against the terrorist threat rescue friendly forces from disastrous scenarios. Missions are released daily and are often based on real world current events. Good times.

The rest as they say is history or hidden behind iron clad NDA’s. 😉