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Mobile Strategy

Addressing the needs of a mobile user doesn’t just mean building a responsive website.

Mobile devices continue to invade every aspect of our lives. The massive shift in technology is a fact that business owners can’t ignore. It’s impossible to argue how important it is to define a mobile strategy that works for your company. 

The common perception is that by building responsive websites and web based services, the mobile concern has been addressed.  Certainly the content is being delivered in a format that works for mobile devices. However, it doesn’t mean that the content or the service meets the needs of the user community or that it supports your business goals.

Don’t make a decision until you

  • understand how your mobile strategy will affect your brand.
  • understand how your mobile strategy will support your marketing plan.
  • have clear performance goals for your product.
  • clearly understand your end users operating environment.
  • have established your products key market differentiators.
  • talk to mobile experts.

It’s a big decision. Getting it wrong can be a costly mistake.

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